Cortana Body Paint Cosplay

Here is the entire album of edits from my photoshoot with +Jessi June. help a guy out, and plus one your favorite of the images. That helps me determine which image is the strongest.

These were photographed using a black light and fluorescent makeup.

Video to come soon!  

28 thoughts on “Cortana Body Paint Cosplay

  1. Melissa AtwellMelissa Atwell

    These are really beautiful! The black light really makes it glow. I +1'd my two favorites. (I just wish she didn't have her navel piercing in… it's not quite "in character".)

  2. Aaron McLinAaron McLin

    These are excellent. Did you happen to take any from a higher angle? Normally, Cortana is not at above eye level and so looking "up" to her feels kind of strange.